Your Information (Including Medical Questionnaire)

The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd, trading as New You (www.new-you.net) herein after referred to as 'New You' request client(s) to complete and return our medical questionnaire and to provide photographs (if needed) prior to your treatment.

Clients agree to complete the medical questionnaire accurately and honestly. Clients agree that failure to complete the medical questionnaire accurately and honestly may result in inability to proceed with your procedures. We are not responsible for any loss or damage arising from clients’ failure to accurately and honestly complete the medical questionnaire.

Completed questionnaires and photographs are forwarded to clinic specialist staff and surgeons in confidence.


New You and the clinic may give clients instructions on post-procedure care and restrictions on activity. The client accepts full responsibility to adhere to these instructions. New You is not responsible for any lloss or damage arising from clients’ failure to adhere to these instructions.

The client accepts that New You is not liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of the clinic surgical or medical staff deciding that the client is medically unfit for the requested treatment to be carried out. If for any reason the surgeon, doctor or anesthetist decides it is not possible to operate on a patient then alternative dates may be offered to you.

It is very rare indeed for surgical staff to not be in a position to operate at all, and in these very rare cases it is almost always due to an underlying serious medical condition that the patient has which they did not know about or did not tell us about. This is another reason why we require all medical questionnaires to be completed accurately and honestly. Once again, we cannot be held liable for any loss arising as a result of these unlikely circumstances.

Full and complete testing and health screening is provided at our clinic prior to your procedure(s) which iis of course included in the price.

The client accepts that New You does not offer any medical advice and is not liable or responsible for the work of our partner clinic(s). The client also accepts that the client’s contract is with the clinic, for all procedures carried out.

If as a result of circumstances beyond our control (except where we say differently in these terms and conditions), New You cannot pay any compensation, expenses (including but not limited to travel and accommodation), losses or any other amounts or accept responsibility if we have to change cancel or significantly alter your booking or scheduled treatment,  after we have issued your booking confirmation, if we or our partners cannot complete your procedure as agreed, or if you suffer any loss or damage ( of any description) as a result of circumstances beyond our control and you are subsequently unable to proceed with pre-arranged procedures. Circumstances beyond our control include but are not limited to: adverse weather conditions, war, terrorist activity, civil unrest, industrial dispute, transportation problems, unavailability of Clinics or Suppliers, unavailability of practitioners, or Force Majeure.

If New You has to cancel, alter or change your booking, we will contact you at which point you can choose to rearrange your procedure with us (and pay or receive any price difference) or cancel your booking and get a full refund. However, we will not pay compensation in these circumstances and are not responsible for any losses or expenses you suffer as a result of circumstance beyond our control.

Pictorial representation, procedural descriptions and examples of treatments shown on our website (at www.new-you.net) are representations of procedures as well as genuine before and after photgraphs and photos of our facilities and staff. While New You believes said information to be accurate and factual, we can not accept liability for any inaccuracies in said information.

Testimonial client videos on our website are guaranteed as genuine and bona fide.

Gastric Balloon:
In a very small number of cases (less than 4%) it may not be possible for the client to tolerate the presence of the balloon and the client will need to have it removed early. In this unlikely scenario we can arrange for early extraction of the balloon or it may have to be taken out in your own country. Refunds are not possible under these circumstances due to the extensive costs involved with BIB® Gastric Balloon insertion; Cost of the balloon itself, Medical testing and screening costs, Specialist consultation fees, Clinic medical care costs including medicines and round the clock 24/7 medical care, Flight and Accommodation costs, Staff Costs,etc.

Client Responsibility (Gastric Balloon continued);
The client accepts that no guarantees can be given with regard to total weight loss achieved with the gastric balloon and that results may vary. The client also accepts that in order to best achieve their goals, they will need to supply feedback and food diaries on a regular and ongoing basis throughout the period of balloon insertion * In the extremely unlikely event that the balloon was to deflate (likelihood approximately 0.2%), clients travelling back to Prague will have a new balloon inserted, free of charge, iif within the normal 6 month insertion period.


Our Responsibility-

Your booking has not been accepted by us until we have received your fully paid deposit.

New You accepts no responsibility for loss or injury of any kind:
We are not liable for the work of surgeons, doctors and nursing staff at the clinic. Your contract is with the clinic for all medical work undertaken. Furthermore, New You cannot be held responsible for post surgery or procedure results, your surgeon/doctor will explain what can and cannot be reasonably expected from your procedure, so that your expectations are realistic and accurate.

The client accepts that New You does not offer any medical advice and is not liable or responsible for the work of Clinics, or the results you achieve.


After receipt of payment we will issue you with all necessary information relevant to your booking. We do not provide travel insurance, clients are asked to source their own travel / medical insurance prior to travel. Clients are responsible for arriving on time for their appointments; New You cannot accept responsibility for missed flights, check in delays, late arrivals, or any other circumstances which cause the client to be late for pre-arranged appointments.


Payment of your deposit can be made by credit or debit card; deposit payments are £500 . The outstanding balance can be paid at the clinic, or before you travel.

When you electronically sign the terms and conditions box on the medical questionnaire, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to our terms and conditions.


Change of booking – If you decide to change the details of your booking you should notify us iimmediately. Every effort will always be made to accommodate your new requirements, however the following charges may apply:

14 days + notice                                                                              £ No Charge
14 days or less                                                                       £ 100 Administration fee

Cancellation – If you decide to cancel your booking (for whatever reason) you should notify us iimmediately. Cancellation will be effective upon receipt of written confirmation. The following charges will apply.

60 days + Deposit & Costs Fully Refunded
59 to 29 days 50% of total procedure costs
28 to 21 days 70% of total procedure costs
20 to 8 days 90% of total procedure costs
7 days or less 100% of total procedure costs

The term 'our clinic' refers to the clinic or clinics that we represent as officially appointed marketing partners.


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