Ear Pinning

Otoplasty or Ear Pinning
is a typically straightforward type of cosmetic surgery that is used to alter the appearance of a person's ears. This type of ear surgery is performed in order to bring the ears closer to the head, to eliminate the appearance of ears ‘sticking out’.

Otoplasty / Ear Pinning is mostly performed as an outpatient procedure with a local anesthetic, although in a few cases General Anesthetic may be required. The procedure generally takes one to two hours. The surgery usually involves an incision behind the ear to reshape the ear cartilages thus allowing the ear to rest closer to the head. This procedure typically requires the patient to wear a compressive head dressing followed by a headband to allow for healing.



Ear surgery, offers a solution to problems associated with the shape of the ears, which can include inborn shape deviations like prominent ears or ear deformities, also trauma to the ears can be addressed.

The initial and very important step to be taken before any decision is made is a personal consultation with an experienced and licensed plastic surgery professional. A good state of general health is a natural prerequisite.

Post- Operative period
Patients may experience moderate pain for a couple of days after surgery, but this will be controlled by medication prescribed by your surgeon, if necessary.

A bandage will be used for approximately 6 days after surgery, then it will be replaced with an elastic headband. At this time stitches will also be removed, and it is possible to wash your hair.

It is recommended to use the elastic headband for another 2 weeks and any activity in which damage to the ears can be caused should be avoided for a month or so.

Usually patients can go back to work after 1 week

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