Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Initial Consultation: How can the surgeon determine what kind of  procedure will be best for me if he doesn´t see me beforehand?

A: The surgeon will have your photos and medical questionarrie to work with and with our ´ASK THE SURGEON´ facility you will be in touch with your surgeon prior to your arrival and face to face final pre-op meeting.

Q : I have never been to the the Czech Republic before. How do I find my way to your clinic?

A : Easy, don’t worry, you will be personally met by one of our team at the airport and will be transported to your private exclusive apartment in a chauffeur driven car, then shown around your apartment and given a full list of contact numbers (24hour). Next morning, you will be taken by your chauffeur to the clinic where you will be met by New You staff and will be guided through the next steps (health checks, etc) prior to your procedure (s).

Q : What if there are complications after my surgery - can I stay in hospital longer?

A  : Yes, in fact if there are any complications after your surgery you will not be released from the clinic until the surgeon is satisfied.

Q : I have heard that Prague is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, I may want to bring my partner / friend with me. Is it possible? 

A : Yes of course, just let us know in advance.

Q :  What about hygeiene in Czech clinics and hospitals?

A :  The standards of hygiene in the Czech Republic are extremely high, more information on how Czech Hospitals compare with UK Hospitals, is available in our client factsheets.

Q : Is it safe to fly after I have had my procedure?

A:  Your surgeon will decide if everything is going according to plan after your  surgery and whether you are ready to fly home. Usually if you follow your surgeon´s instructions, you will be ready to fly home within the advised timescales.

Q : What if I am unhappy with the results of the surgery?

A :  During your initial meetings with your surgeon, you will be told what can and cannot be expected, so that your expectations are realistic. If complications arise as a result of surgical negligence, reparative surgery will be provided free of charge.

Q : Are surgeons in the Czech Republic suitably qualified?

A : Yes they are. In Czech law (unlike the UK) plastic surgeons have to go through 6 years of specialist plastic surgery training before they are licensed to perform plastic/cosmetic surgery. In the UK a general surgeon (and in some cases even dentists) can perform plastic surgery unregulated, in the Czech Rep. only registered plastic surgeon is allowed to do so. For more information on Cosmetic Surgery Standards within the Czech Republic please see our client factsheets.     

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