Our clinic has achieved unrivalled success, having treated over 250,000 clients in the past ten years (yes, that's right, 1/4 of a Million people!)

The clinic premises are spread out over 3,000m2, and 5 floors, (the largest in central Europe) boasting a variety of specialist departments with state of the art equipment, three hi-tech operating theatres, fully staffed wards and a designated state of the art dental laboratory - our surgeons are truly amongst the best in the world. (250,000 people can't be wrong!)

Our clinic is famous not only because of the quality and range of services on offer but also due to extensive cooperation with a wide range of scientific and University bodies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our clinic also operates as an internationally accredited training centre for bodies such as The American Academy of Implant Dentistry, The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, educating medical students from five different continents.

New You clinic

The benefits of choosing New You

The are many advantages for YOU, our valued client, in selecting New You for your surgical or dental procedure(s): Price, service, experience and the first rate facilities on offer within our clinic, which covers a range of medical fields.

Our clinic is truly amongst the finest facilities of its kind available, anywhere.

This also means that the doctor who is treating you has the opportunity to consult a colleague from a different medical field about your problem straight away, s/he can send you for a variety of different tests or recommend another specialist – without lengthly waiting periods, and all under one roof.

Due to our diversity and the range and quality of services we offer, our clinic is quite naturally used by clients from all over the world, (including a variety of rich and famous clients), our clients value the opportunity to undergo several kinds of treatments with a variety of different world class specialists, over a short period of time, in a truly world class facility.

In the course of one week for example, we can manage complete dental reconstruction, perform anti-aging screening and draw up nutritional and activity plans, provide total makeovers, offer face lifts, liposuction, breast enlargement, tummy tuck, in fact, a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures. We are capable of dealing with your problem(s) in a variety of different ways and you can be sure that we will choose the best approach for you in consultation with your own dedicated surgeon.

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